Holistic Experience

The Westminster Experience is one in which we can term holistic.  Everything about Westminster-the small, close knit community, the liberal arts education, the quad as freshmen, Greek life, club and organization involvement, lecture series, honor societies, small classes, relationships among peers, faculty, and staff- encourages us to be well rounded and to give back to the community.  We grow and learn through these Westminster experiences and then recycle this energy, knowledge, and passion back into Westminster, Fulton, and the global community by serving others. 

This is what I hope to do with the rest of my life.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount of biology in my major courses; I’ve dissected cadavers, presented at conferences, and interacted with professionals in Biological fields.  I hope to be in this Biology World for the rest of my life continuing to learn and serve others.  I’ve learned the importance of history, art, literature, world relations, interpersonal relations, strong leadership, and positive representation of self.  I’ve had role models to look up to and now try to serve as a model for others as well. 

I’ve learned that everything in life is interconnected and interdependent.  Every experience is an opportunity to learn.  Every interaction is a reflection on yourself.  Every moment of life is valuable.  Life is good.  The little things should be appreciated.  You can’t compartmentalize yourself between classes, involvements, and relationships.  Every day is a blessing.  Every day Holistic.


About vflynn

I am a Senior at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri aspiring to be a physician. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, I came to Missouri to experience another region of the U.S. and in the past three years have gained strong ties to the community. In this blog, I will focus on reflections of medical visions in literature and contribute insights into contemporary issues and thought.
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One Response to Holistic Experience

  1. Maureen Tuthill says:

    It’s difficult to keep those sentiments fresh in mind, especially when the demands of life seem to loom large. But starting out with a desire for wholeness is the best way to go. It will always give you a solid reference point, something to come back to when you are feeling out of balance.

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