Art as Therapy

In the past few years, a new kind of therapy has come into fruition. Art Therapy.  There are a number of mediums, photographs, videos, music and singing, artwork, etc., that can be used as Art Therapy.  The concept behind Art Therapy is that in this fast paced life we all live what we really need when we’re ill is to take a step back, relax, and reflect.  Reflect on our lives but also on something unrelated to illness, like art, in order to stimulate other parts of ourselves and to be stimulated by the art.  The top art remedies offered by Talidari (a group of Art Therapy artists) are Stress Relief, Depression Treatment, Snore No More, Crime Cure, Insomnia Buster, and Antipoor-e-Cream.  As I read through this list I thought to myself “as a college student with many stresses maybe I should look at the Stress Relief remedy” and “my friend has an insomnia problem so maybe I should show this to her.”  I haven’t even looked through the proposed remedies and I’m already intrigued. 

Each section offers explanations for why these issues play prominent roles in our lives and gives non medicinal answers to each issue.  The Stress Relief section notes causes, triggers, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, mental and psychosocial responses, symptoms, and effects.  Solutions are then proposed for dealing with stress and avoiding it altogether.  There are art visualization solutions, nature walks as solutions, and relaxing music.  The visualizations of art contained warm hues of blue and turquoise.  This music clip was proposed for a stress buster and included low notes and repetitious tones. 

These solutions seem viable.  If one is able to relax and unwind, stresses should slip away.  I have never heard of “Art Therapy” but these methods for de-stressing (listening to music or walking through the park) are widely used.

This information was gathered from Talidari, Mulitimedia Art for Wellness.  Talidari is an organization of artists who collect art with fusions of heritage and innovation with the purpose of inspiring, entertaining, and healing.


About vflynn

I am a Senior at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri aspiring to be a physician. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, I came to Missouri to experience another region of the U.S. and in the past three years have gained strong ties to the community. In this blog, I will focus on reflections of medical visions in literature and contribute insights into contemporary issues and thought.
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One Response to Art as Therapy

  1. Maureen Tuthill says:

    The Web site that you link to asks the question, “Is art the medicine of the future?” It makes me wonder if there is any possible future where we will achieve such balance and wholeness that we never get sick. I think art is a form of connection to others and that is where its therapeutic qualities come in. It satisfies the need we all have to express ourselves and to process our experiences, but it always has an implied audience. Stress occurs when we are out of harmony with our surroundings–maybe art helps to bring that harmony back and create the wholeness that is necessary to health.

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